Lynda Benglis: Flow and Flesh, 2010
Text by Jeremy Gilbert-Rolfe
76 pages, Softcover
Published by Locks Art Publications
ISBN: 978-1-879173-59-0

Lynda Benglis established herself in the 1960s with artwork that challenged the prescribed tenets of modernism and forged new approaches in process, and post-minimal art. Over the past forty years, her paintings and sculptures have blurred distinctions between these mediums and expanded the scope of artistic and non-traditional materials, utilizing wax, latex, polyurethane foam, metal, glass, and ceramics. The artist has frequently chosen subjects that reference the body or natural processes in states of flux. This publication and the accompanying exhibition at Locks Gallery presents new sculptures, cast in brightly colored polyurethane, and bronze with black patina. Benglis' most recent exploration of materials recasts the artists' vocabulary of sculptural, figurative or organic forms, in new light. In these works the artist reiterates the premise of the 'frozen gesture' using hard materials to stabilize moving shapes and ethereal concepts.

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