Thomas Chimes

Locks Gallery is honored to announce that The Body in Spirals has been nominate for "Best Exhibition in a Commercial Space Nationally" by the International Association of Art Critics for the 2014 exhibition of the late Philadelphia artist Thomas Chimes work.

The exhibition was the first at the gallery to not present Chimes's work by theme or period, instead examining some of the artist's working methods that extended throughout his career and drawing practice. By examining the use of math, quantifiable systems, and compositional geometric rules in his work, the exhibition was able to highlight Chimes's manifestation of the philosophies and Alfred Jarry's 'pataphysics that were central to his career.

The Body in Spirals brought together exemplary works spanning the career of Chimes including drawings and white paintings that have never been exhibited and little-seen metal and Plexi-box constructions. Also on view were recently uncovered preparatory diagrams for his late white paintings and influential books from Chimes's personal library with custom wood jackets made by the artist.

The exhibition was accompanied by a fully illustrated catalog, which notably included a bibliographic reference for the artist's entire personal library holdings.

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