Lynda Benglis

American sculptor Lynda Benglis (American, b. 1941) is known for pioneering and challenging work that questions the rigors of Modernism and Minimalism by merging material, form, and content. Spanning 40 years, this exhibition represents the breadth of Benglis’s extraordinary creative output, including wax paintings and poured latex and polyurethane foam sculptures of the late 1960s; innovative videos, installations, and “knots” from the 1970s; metalized, pleated wall pieces of the 1980s and ’90s; and more recent works in a variety of mediums, such as the monumental cast-polyurethane The Graces. The exhibition also features documentary material underscoring Benglis’s interest in performance and self-promotion through magazines and invitation cards, including her infamous advertisement in Artforum in November 1974 that galvanized the art world. For RISD, Judith Tannenbaum, Richard Brown Baker Curator of Contemporary Art, will reunite the five-part installation Phantom and add ceramics from the 1990s and several other more recent works. A 450-page fully illustrated hardcover monograph, produced by Les Presses du Réel, accompanies the exhibition. Lynda Benglis is organized by the Irish Museum of Modern Art, Dublin, in collaboration with Van Abbemuseum, Eindhoven; Le Consortium, Dijon; Museum of Art, Rhode Island School of Design, Providence; and New Museum, New York.

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