Lynda Benglis at Storm King Art Center

Lynda Benglis: Water Sources includes nearly a dozen outdoor sculptures, some recently created and on view for the first time, and a selection of sculptural works indoors installed throughout six galleries in the Museum Building. Many of the outdoor works—some created in bronze, others in various colors of cast pigmented polyurethane—are fountains, and have rarely been publicly exhibited. Indoors, the exhibition will include works in bronze and stone made in the early 1990s soon after Benglis established a residence in the southwest; these take the idea of landscape, in particular the rock formations of New Mexico, as their conceptual foundation while the more recent cast pigmented polyurethane works and the related exterior bronze fountain cast from foam reference the idea of plenty and abundance. The works date from 1974 to today, and range in scale from 24 feet tall to two and a half feet tall, and will be installed on Museum Hill, with smaller works on the museum’s patio. Two other bronze works installed close to Storm King’s main entrance will greet arriving visitors.

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