Lee Kang-So Representing Korea at the Venice Biennale

Revered in Korea as a Modern master alongside his former collaborator and longtime friend Park Seo Be, Lee Kang-So paints, sculpts, performs, and photographs. Though he’s been lumped in with Dansaekhwa artists, he vehemently denies the association. Gallery Hyundai has set up in Palazzo Caboto with Kang-So’s exhibition Becoming and brought his continuing reed-based series, Void, which began in 1971. Kang-So paints high-grass reeds white, playing with depth, perception and notions of permanence and nature. Hyundai has also brought Lee’s Chicken Performance, as the piece is often called, wherein he ties chalk to a fowl who runs around the gallery, leaving markings on the ground. In addition, you’ll find his recent paintings that also rely on chance or, as the artist explained to Cultured, just letting the brush move as it wishes, spontaneous action met by a clear mind.

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