Ellen Harvey

In this publication accompanying a new commission at the Groeningemuseum, Ellen Harvey restores the ties between the city of Bruges and the harbor. In her new installation, behind a mirrored wall punctuated with peepholes, Harvey hung a selection of paintings dating from the seventeenth- to the early twentieth-century, all of which belong to the reserve collection. Her work is an invitation to rediscover these rarely seen artworks.The paintings of the city, the canals, and the sea are reflected in the panorama on the opposite wall: Harvey's painted maps (2.75 x 21 meter) based on satellite images. The elaborate waterways, executed in mirrored glass, demonstrate the importance of the rivers and canals for the city. The publication surveys the project, the museum collection holdings, and her other museum interventions. Text in English and Dutch by Tessa Rosebrock, Filip L. Demeyer, Till-Holger Borchert, and Hubert De Witte. 

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