Ellen Harvey

Locks Gallery artist, Ellen Harvey exhibits a newly commissioned work at Turner Contemporary, in Margate, Kent, UK:
Revealed: Turner Contemporary Opens

Our opening exhibition explores the themes of imagination, discovery, wonder and the creative spirit.

Centred on JMW Turner’s extraordinary but little-known painting The Eruption of the Souffrier Mountains, in the Island of St Vincent, at Midnight, on the 30th April, 1812, from a Sketch Taken at the Time by Hugh P. Keane, Esqre 1815, depicting a dramatic volcanic eruption that Turner himself never witnessed, the exhibition will feature six major international contemporary artists.

New commissions by Daniel Buren, Russell Crotty, Ellen Harvey and Conrad Shawcross, will show alongside selected works by Teresita Fernández and Douglas Gordon.

The works in the exhibition play at the borders between what we can see and know and the truly fantastic. This dynamic relationship between imagination and reality also reflects the process of realizing our long-awaited new gallery, starting from ideas and drawings to a physical building.

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